What Do We Believe? Spiritual Warfare

Ladies and Gentlemen, Christian brothers and sisters, you who are born again by accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior can see what is happening to God's holy Church. This church sees the signs of our Lord's return for His church. This church is in spiritual warfare, and the signs, such as the following, are all around us:

  • The Ten Commandments were removed from all federal and state property.
  • People are not allowed to mention Jesus Christ or God in our schools, except in curse words.
  • Prayer and Bible reading have been taken away from our schools, but look at our school systems today.
  • Atheism is on the rise worldwide.
  • Far less than half of the people across Europe even believe in God.
  • Atheists in America appear on television and say that there is no God, and that science, not God, created the world.
  • The list of the signs of Christ's second coming is so long it would use our entire website to show them to you.
Click here for a list of Bible Promises which can be used in Spiritual Warfare.

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