Saint Matthews Church and the Principle of Seed Faith

Saint Matthews Church believes in seed faith
Jesus is called "The Seed" (Gen. 3:15), the Word of God is designated as " Seed " (Luke 8:11; I Peter l:23); the growth of the believer is likened to a plant (John 15), and the evangelism of the world to a harvest (Matthew 13:30). At Saint Matthew's Church, we believe that when we bring Him the smallest of our strength, faith resource, and ability - when it is placed in Him sown like a seed - there is a fruitfulness and harvest forthcoming. Saint Matthew's Church also believes it is within the laws of Gods creation - both the natural and the spiritual realm - and seed faith is worthy to be applied in practical living.

1. God Established the Principle of the Seed and the Law of Seedtime and Harvest (Gen. 8:22)
To overcome your problems, become fruitful and reach your potential; follow God's law of seed time, as Saint Matthew's Church does, and you will harvest from seed faith.
2. Give God Your Best - Then Expect His Best ( 2 Sam. 24:24)
Give to God first; generously, and of your best; then you will experience harvest from seed faith.
3. God is a Good God. He Desires Only His Best for You! (Ex. 15:26)
God's goodness is abundantly promised to those who listen and do what He says, seed faith is an example.
4. God Has Unlimited Resources, and the Good News Is That He Makes Them Available to You (2 Chr. 25:9)
St Matthew's Church wants you to know that there are no shortages in God's supply; when you give through seed faith, you put yourself into a position for increase.
5. God Desires Biblical Abundance for You (John 10:10)
Believe God wants you to have abundance, and line up your highest desire with His through seed faith.
6. God Expects You to Receive a Harvest from Your Giving. He Wants Us to Expect a Miracle Return! (Luke 6:38)
Our seed faith giving is not a debt we owe but a seed we sow, and giving and receiving go together.
7. God Has a Due Season for All of the Seeds You Plant - Good Seeds As Well As Bad Seeds (Gal. 6:7-9)
Saint Matthews Church believes whether good or bad, the seed we sow will bring a harvest-some quickly, others later.
8. Your Giving Proves God, Opens the Windows of Heaven to You, and Causes the Devourer to Be Rebuked (Mal. 3:10, 11)
God invites people to verify His trustworthiness by their giving through seed faith.
9. All of Our Giving Is to Be to God, Our Source (Matt. 25:34-40)
As we give to others through seed faith, we look to God offering it as a service of love to Him.
10. Be Wise As to Where You Plant Your Seeds of Faith. God Multiplies Seed Sown in Good Soil (Mark 4:1-20) We at St Matthew's Church, believe all should be responsible to plant seed faith in places where there is fruit to God.
11. God Multiplies Your Seed to More Than Meet Your Greatest Need (Luke 5:1-11) Saint Matthew's Church has seen firsthand and wants you to experience the principle that God not only multiplies what you give Him through seed faith, but you will find God in the midst of your multiplication.
12. Give What You Have in Your Hand to Give (2 Cor. 9:8-10)
God makes all bounty, self-satisfaction and contentedness abound toward us so we can share seed faith with others.
13. You Can Always Give a Seed of Prayer...A Seed of Forgiveness...A Seed of Love and Joy (James 5:15,16)
At Saint Matthew's Church, we have found that there is always something to give: prayer, love, forgiveness so keep planting your seed faith.
14. God Gave to Us First. He Is Our Role Model for Giving and Receiving (John 3:16)
God gave sacrificially of His best and gave expecting to receive. So should we give through seed faith. More information about Seed Faith

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