Bishop James Eugene Ewing and The History of Saint Matthew's Churches

Bishop James Eugene Ewing shares the Gospel through services and mail sermons some of which include the prayer rug. Dear Friend of Saint Matthew's Churches:

In 1951 Saint Matthews Churches Ministry was founded by fifteen born again Christians including Reverend James Eugene Ewing. For two years, Reverend James Eugene Ewing and the founding ministers served as associates with other churches throughout the United States. Saint Matthew's Churches cleaned sanctuaries, cut grass, painted and repaired church buildings, taught Sunday School, and worked on missionary projects. They assisted pastors in making house calls to the poor and elderly, making hospital calls to the sick and dying, going from door to door inviting people to attend church and sending mail sermons.

Two years later (1953), after much sincere prayer and careful thought Reverend James Eugene Ewing and the Saint Matthews Churches founders concluded that the time had come to open Saint Matthews first interdenominational and interracial church building. Thus, the first Saint Matthews Churches local church was established and included Sunday morning and evening services, Wednesday evening Bible study, two weekly young people's services and three annual special missionary/evangelical services. The church had occasional visiting ministers, but Reverend James Eugene Ewing conducted most of the services.

In 1957 the decision was reached to launch an international ministry. Saint Matthews Churches principle minister, Reverend James Eugene Ewing and church families were invited to conducted worship services at churches in various cities throughout the world, and traveled extensively to conduct those services. While some of the ministers were on the road, others, especially those with children, stayed in San Antonio and worked to support their minister husbands. Occasionally, the Saint Matthews Churches ministers, including Reverend James Eugene Ewing, traveled outside the US to participate in and/or conduct missionary endeavors.

Since it was founded Saint Matthews Churches has been active in publishing its sermons by mail. The sermons by mail contain faith items such as a prayer rug. Saint Matthew Churches mail the Gospel, free of charge including the prayer rug, in accordance with the Gospel according to Saint Mark 13:10 "And the Gospel must first be published among all nations". As funds were available they were used to conduct church services and mail sermons to ever increasing numbers. Gospel literature, mail and prayer rug items are all sent in order to win more lost souls to Christ.

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