"Church Ministry"

Ministry in Saint Matthew's Churches is the teamwork of members of the clergy (bishop, presbyter, and deacons) and laity (parish workers, lay readers, and others).

Apostolic Succession, the ministry of the early apostles handed down the ages is a feature in Anglican Church ministry, which includes the laying on of hands during the consecration of bishops and the ordination of priests and deacons. The duties pertaining to the three-fold order of bishop, presbyter, and deacon are as follows:

    A bishop is called to lead in serving and caring for the people of God and to work with them in the oversight of the Church. As a chief pastor, they share with their fellow bishops a special responsibility to maintain and further the unity of the Church, to uphold its discipline, and to guard its faith. They are to promote its mission throughout the world. It is their duty to watch over and pray for all those committed to their charge, and to teach and govern them after the examples of the Apostles, speaking in the name of God and interpreting the Gospel of Christ. They are to know their people and be known by them. They are to ordain and send new ministers guiding those who serve and enabling them to fulfill their ministry. The bishop is to baptize and confirm, to preside at the Holy Communion, and to lead the offering of prayer and praise. They are to be merciful, but with firmness, and to minister discipline, but with mercy. They are to have a special care for the outcast and needy and to those who turn to God, they are to declare the forgiveness of sins.

    A presbyter is called by God to work with the bishop and with their fellow-presbyters, as servant and shepherd among the people to whom they are sent. They are to proclaim the Word of the Lord, to call their hearers to repentance, and in Christ's name, to absolve and declare the forgiveness of sins. They are to preside at the celebration of the Holy Communion. They are to lead their people in prayer and worship, to intercede for them, to bless them in the name of the Lord, and to teach and encourage by word and example. They are to minister to the sick and prepare the dying for their death. They must set the Good Shepherd always before them as the pattern of their calling, caring for the people committed to their charge, and joining with them in a common witness to the world.

    A deacon is called to serve the Church of God and to work with its members in caring for the poor, the needy, the sick, and all who are in trouble. They are to strengthen the faithful, search out the careless and the indifferent, and to preach the Word of God in the place to which they are licensed. A deacon assists the presbyter, under whom they serve, in leading the worship of the people, especially in the administration of the Holy Communion. They may baptize when required to do so. It is their general duty to do such pastoral work as is entrusted to them.

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